About Us

Rajotte Capital Group is a diversified holding company seeking to acquire successful companies that offer a significant opportunity for growth and value creation.

Rajotte Capital Group targets profitable companies with solid business fundamentals and a proven strategy for long-term profitability. Investment criteria include the following:

  • Experienced management teams
  • Solid business models
  • Differentiated products or services to satisfy market need
  • Significant opportunities for growth and value creation
  • Ability to generate attractive returns on capital
  • Traditional businesses (no start-ups or internet-only based businesses)

We typically focus on Western Canadian businesses with an EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation & amortization) of up to $5 million.


Our current companies and investments include:

Nova Capital

Nova Capital provides professionals with business brokerage services, investment capital and diversified financial solutions in a personal and responsive way.

By managing its own funds, Nova Capital Inc. is able to provide financing for all types of fixed assets to businesses that demonstrate an ability to establish profitable operations.

Learn more at www.nova-capital.ca

Western Industrial Services LTD

Western Industrial Services Ltd. (WISL) is a coatings industry leader providing speciality services for industrial and heavy commercial capital projects, facility shutdowns and routine maintenance.

WISL provides customers with solutions for coatings and linings, surface preparation and industrial cleaning, firestopping, and lead abatement, as well as mechanical insulation solutions for almost every commercial and industrial application.

With a 5,000 sq. ft. head office and 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse and production space WISL is able to complete projects of virtually any scale.

Learn more at www.wisl.ca

Western Construction Services Logo

With a focus on quality, safety and professionalism, Western Construction Services has emerged as a prairie leader in the repair, protection and preservation of concrete. From parkades and bridges to industrial applications including refineries and chemical plants, Western Construction Services has proven itself to be a contractor of choice across Western Canada. 

Learn more at www.westerncsi.ca

Prairie Commercial Inc Logo

Prairie Commercial owns and manages commercial and industrial properties in Manitoba.   While our experienced and knowledgeable team manages, leases and operates our own real estate portfolio, we also assist companies find the perfect home for their business.  

Our commitment to our clients, through our company philosophy of providing customized services to meet their specific needs, creates value for their business for years to come.  

Prairie Commercial will acquire, develop and renovate properties to suit the specific needs of our valued clients. 

Learn more at www.prairiecommercial.ca

Able Crane Services is committed to being an industry leader in customer service, crane safety, quality, and providing customers with innovative crane lifting solutions.

Our detailed crane lifting assessment outlines your specific schedule and project details matched to our specialized crane operators who will perform the job with skill and efficiency.

Our customers have the advantage of working with a team that has knowledge, experience and a well-trained crane workforce that anticipates lifting challenges and offers solutions that make each crane lift successful.

Learn more at www.ablecranes.com


Call us directly at 204-956-9475 or email us at info@rajotte.ca.

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